Silent Movies
Missoula, MT.
We at NTE really enjoy our work and get to do some
fun projects!
On February 18-20,
The Wilma Theatre in Missoula, MT. was scheduled for a silent movie.
The movie was Wings , the first Academy Award winner!
This print of Wings was to be projected at 20fps, not 24fps, so we had to slow the projectors down to properly project this movie.  Also, a rare short, Evidence of the Film , discovered by John Eickhof was to be projected at 18fps.  "Evidence" was a film produced in 1913 by Edwin Thanhauser.  His grandson, Ned, is collecting and restoring with the help of the Library of Congress any remaining films that his grandfather produced.
We added "pony" motors with the properly calculated size pulleys and also added 3 blade shutters to the projectors to cut down on flicker.  The result was fantastic

The organist for the show, Andrew Crow, was ecstatic that he could  cue the movie at the proper speed. This gave him more time to develop each theme.


Andrew Crow at the 3/10 Robert Morton Console

Console in the pit

Andrew addressing an eager group of grade school kids.  This is a Wilma Theatre tradition!

Some unenclosed percussions below each chamber

Special thanks go to T.J. Blakeslee and Bill Emerson!

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