Idaho Trail Ride 2000!

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John doing a little rock climbing!
photo by Molly Eickhof

                       Niall Irish bringing up the rear.                         Digger climbing up the rock pile.

John's 1943 WC-52

                                Cookie break!                                                                      Steve climbing the hill.

                                                                          Line up in the meadow.

                             A view from the cab.                                                               At camp


                               Amber and Dana at camp.                                           Michalsky's camp setup.

Duffy's portable campsite.

Winch vs Tree.....
Digger got caught between atree and a hard spot...
The WC-52 is about to winchhis W-300 out, using a tree as a deadman.

                      "The 'beep' in position to winch.                                            Rigged and ready to go.

               OOOOPPPSSS...!!??                  Digger is free and unharmed!

Here are some of John's Trucks....

These are currently running trucks

              1967 W-200 w/383 V8, plow, winch, bought new.                     1966 W-500 w/318 V8

                   1970 W-300 exUSAF w/318 V8, winch                 1952 B-3-PW originally PG&E truck (Calif.)
                                                                                                    Bought in 1980 from J.S. Hocking Trucking
                                                                                                                          Placerville CA.

             1941 WC-14 found in a barn in original condition        1943 WC-52 weapons carrier w/winch
                                 one of only 268 made!

                 1941 WC-10 Carryall w/251 spitfire engine!                1942 GMC CCKW 6X6 firetruck
                                                                                                         w/operating Dodge 6cyl. pump unit

1952 B-3-PW schoolbus w/ Gillig body

These are project trucks....

   1941 WC-4 pickup, drives but needs open cab

1942 WC-54 w/1952 Boyertown body conversion


1944 WC-63 6X6 with arctic cab and winch

1950 Dodge 4x4 Bus
with body by "Novelty Carriage Works"
of Spokane, Washington.

1953 Dodge M-37
Truck with Slat-6 conversion.

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